Aroma Lofou White

White-yellowish wine with green-grey hues. Stands out for its freshness, its light aromas that bring rose petals and citrus fruits to the nose, and its light body.

White, dry
Variety Moschofilero, Malagouzia, Chardonnay
Harvest 2021

Aroma Lofou Rosé

Stands out for its orange colour with violet hues and the dominant scents of currants, raspberries and sour cherries. Fruity and rich palette, with a long aftertaste.

Rosé, semi-dry
Variety Mavrodaphne, Cabernet Sauvignon,
Harvest 2021

Aroma Lofou Red

Deep rich red colour with purple hues. An elegant and delicate aroma of black fruit, combined with an extremely rich and well balanced fruity taste with fine acidity and soft tannins.

Red, dry
Variety Agiorgitiko 60%, Cabernet Sauvignon 40%
Harvest 2018

Gustav Clauss

A rich garnet red colour combined with a complex and highly structured aroma of sweet red and black fruits, make up this delicious wine.

Red, dry,
Variety Mavrodaphne 40%, Cabernet Sauvignon 60%
Harvest 2019

Muscat of Patras

Light golden colour with green hues with honey and lemon scents composing a highly aromatic bouquet.

White, naturally sweet,
vin de liquer
Variety Muscat white 100%


Clear, golden yellow colour combined perfectly with a heavy, extremely fragrant bouquet of wild flowers. In terms of taste it features a rich body with good structure where honey and ripe fruit successfully compete with one another.

White, naturally sweet, made of sun-dried grapes
Variety Muscat white 100%
Harvest 2019

Mavrodaphne of Patras “601”

Dark amber colour with brown hues and an aromatic intensity of a sweet fruit bouquet with distinct presence of figs.

Red, sweet
Variety Mavrodaphne
Ageing At least 3-5 years in oak barrels

Mavrodaphne “601” Reserve

Clear look and deep amber colour with fruity aroma background, mixed dried fruit with intense hues of walnut.

Red, naturally sweet, long ageing
Variety Mavrodaphne 100%
Harvest 1999

Mavrodaphne “601” Grand Reserve

A deep brown colour, indicative of this wine’s ageing combined with a refined complex bouquet of raisins and dried fruits such as figs, prunes and walnuts that stand out for their quality and delicateness.

Red, naturally sweet, long ageing
Variety Mavrodaphne 100%
Harvest 1979
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he night covered the events and untold stories with absolute secrecy… The colours tended to become blue black, the shutters were closed and the noises were lowered down to subtle, vernal sounds. Only a quiet plop could only be heard now, and only in selected points of this restless city: “Aroma Lofou” certainly a wine with light taste, delicate scents and ivory aftertastes. “Aroma Lofou” being poured like a small waterfall into an elegant crystal glass, with excellent architecture, with a very arty stem and calyx.


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