Mavrodaphne of Patras Reserve



A deep brown color, an indication of the antiquity of this wine in combination with a refined complex bouquet of raisins and dried mixed fruits such as figs, plums and walnuts that are distinguished by quality and delicacy. Round, firm, elegant, soft, rich and tasteful are just some of the adjectives that can be used to describe the impressions of the mouth from this significantly complex, rich wine. The longer this wine remains in the mouth, the greater the depth it acquires. The endless aftertaste of this wine will be maintained even after a long time. It is rightly characterized as one of the best sweet wines in Greece.

Ideal Match

The wine Mavrodaphne of Patras GRAND RESERVE, is ideal as an aperitif, with roasted almonds, dried figs, foie gras, but also as a dessert wine, it goes perfectly with melon, Roquefort, caramel cream, bitter chocolate cake with ice cream Vanilla. Serve at 11-13 ° C.


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