Clear, golden yellow colour combined perfectly with a heavy, extremely fragrant bouquet of wild flowers. In terms of taste it features a rich body with good structure where honey and ripe fruit successfully compete with one another. Rounded with a crisp and robust acidity that combined with the long and soft aftertaste bring out this wine as one of the best of its kind.

Melissea is served in a flute glass, at 6-8°C and accompanies perfectly roasted almonds, soft salty cheese (roquefort, kopanisti cheese of Mykonos, gorgonzola), ice cream and sorbet fruit, creams (caramel, crème brûlée, pana cotta).

Bottled in a limited number of bottles.



White, naturally sweet, made of sun-dried grapes


Muscat white (100%)


2016 (limited bottling 1,200 bottles)


Protected Designation of Origin Muscat of Rio Patras

Alcoholic Strength

16 %


Muscat of Rio Patras Zone PDO

Wine-making Method

The grapes are sun-dried, as they are left in the sun for about a week. With the beneficial effect from the sun, the grapes are dehydrated leading to increased sugar content and aromas. White vinification is then carried out to produce sweet wine with alcoholic fermentation at a constant temperature of 22°C.

Available Sizes

500 ml


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