Mavrodaphne of Patras “601”

Dark amber colour with brown hues and an aromatic intensity of a sweet fruit bouquet with distinct presence of figs. The main feature of this unique wine is the complexity of its aromas and flavours. Its discreet acidity helps unleash a rich aroma of caramelised fruits, like dried figs. Its long-lasting aromatic aftertaste confirms how unique this wine is.

Mavrodaphne wine is ideal as an aperitif, with nuts, dried fruit, but also as a dessert wine, excellently accompanying fruit, yellow cheese, ice creams, creams, pastries and even chocolate. Highly flexible, it can even be enjoyed with crushed ice, ranking it among the most refreshing summer drinks.
Serve at 12-14°C.



Red, Sweet


Mavrodaphne 100%


At least 12 months in oak barrels


Protected Designation of Origin Mavrodaphne of Patras

Alcoholic Strength

15 %


Mavrodaphne of Patras Zone PDO (north and northwest of Patras), and prefecture of Achaia respectively. Production: 1200 kg/1,000 m2

Wine-making Method

According to the traditional way of heavy sweet wine. Fermentation up to 4 ABV and stopping the fermentation by adding wine alcohol. Its bouquet combines aromas from grapes with those of partial fermentation and ageing.

Available Sizes

375 ml / 750 ml


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