Mavrodaphne “601” Reserve

Clear look and deep amber colour with fruity aroma background, mixed dried fruit with intense hues of walnut. The flavours of sweet raisins, dried figs and dates are dominant and combined elegantly, while in terms of taste it unravels towards a finish that seems to carry these wonderful flavours to a long aftertaste

Mavrodaphne 601 Reserve is perfect as an aperitif, with nuts, dried prunes, and as a dessert wine, accompanying red fresh fruit excellently (e.g. strawberry, cherry) soft gruyere or blue cheeses, ice cream and sour cherry syrup, desserts with coffee and chocolate. Serve at 12-14°C.



Red, naturally sweet, long ageing


Mavrodaphne 100%




Protected Designation of Origin Mavrodaphne of Patras

Alcoholic Strength

15,5 %


Mavrodaphne of Patras Zone PDO (south and southwest of Patras).

Winemaking Method

According to the traditional way of heavy sweet wine. Fermentation up to 4 ABV and stopping the fermentation by adding wine alcohol. So the sweetness of Mavrodaphne wine derives exclusively from grape sugars, while its bouquet combines the aromas from grapes with those of partial fermentation and ageing.

Available sizes

375 ml / 750 ml


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