ACHAIA CLAUSS welcomes you to its Winery

This is the first Greek Winery, founded by the Bavarian Gustav Clauss and has been continuously active since 1861 until the present day.

An international reference point, a destination for wine, history, nature, tour lovers. A stop for all travellers!

With tours and tastings, educational tours for schools and universities but also tailor-made packages for experts in the field, ACHAIA CLAUSS attempts to unite the past with the present and the future.

Cobbled streets among stone towers, historic buildings, cellars filled with barrels – each with its own history, little churches, statues, traditional tools awards from around the world and books. A scenery that have escaped from another era with breathtaking views and a moving atmosphere.

We look forward to seeing you there!



Free glass of Mavrodaphne

The visit includes a tour of the facilities of ACHAIA CLAUSS and a free glass of Mavrodaphne wine. From the first cellar to Varelatiko and from there to the impressive Imperial Cellar with its huge oak barrels, artwork, where the famous Mavrodaphne ages.


Tour & Wine Tasting

Tasting of selected wines

Enjoy a tour at the historical premises – facilities of ACHAIA CLAUSS and get to know its long history.
The experience is completed with a tasting of selected ACHAIA CLAUSS wines accompanied by snacks – selected to blend with the aromas of each wine.


Educational Programs for Schools

Activity @ Winery

The facilities of ACHAIA CLAUSS can be visited by schools, within the scope of guided tours and educational programs. Pupils can discover the true magic of wine by taking a journey in time that is connected with stories and legends in a setting that generally captures the respective atmosphere.


Educational programs for Universities

Free glass of Mavrodaphne

ACHAIA CLAUSS is open for visits and undertakes tours for student groups. It is a historical site that has definitely great information and images to offer to young audiences seeking to get acquainted with the past through life experiences.

The carved oak barrels impress with the stories that each one hides. Some of these have carved representations, while others have been dedicated from time to time to visits of various powerful personalities to the famous cellars of ACHAIA CLAUSS


Wine Connoisseurs

Tasting of selected wines

A visit at ACHAIA CLAUSS is in many ways a great experience for connoisseurs of the wine industry. The sight is awakened by the images, the mind stores stories and the palate tastes exceptional quality wines with the guidance of an experienced oenologist.

In Cava Danielis, apart from the selected labels of ACHAIA CLAUSS collection, one can also find Mavrodaphne wine from the first Olympic Games of 1896, a collectors’ item – probably the oldest Greek wine for sale.


Religious Tourism

Extra: Tailor-made tour to the religious areas of Inokastro – Winecastle
Mavrodaphne tasting

ACHAIA CLAUSS Winecastle is also a unique tour stop for fans of religious tours.

The standard guided tour is enriched with a special visit to two historic churches located in the surrounding area of the winery. Visit to the orthodox stone chapel of St. Thomas that Gustav Clauss built himself in 1879 for the treatment of his wife Thomais from a difficult disease and then to the Roman Catholic chapel of St. Anne.

In the Imperial Cellar, a special reference is made to the 4,070-litre Barrel, filled with 1898 Mavrodaphne, dedicated to the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I.

The tour is completed with a wine tasting session of fine – historically significant for certain religions – “Mavrodaphne”.

“…to bring bread out of the earth and wine makes glad the heart of man.”

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